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How to apply for Fiscal Equipment and Electronic Systems

In a market that is changing all the time, fiscalization and electronic systems have become essential for every business operating in the Republic of Kosovo.

In this article, we will guide you in a detailed and clear manner on the process of applying for fiscal devices and availing them from the reliable Enternet company.

Familiarize yourself with Fiscal Equipment and Electronic Systems
Before starting the application, it is important to understand what electronic fiscal equipment (PEF) involves. These include cash registers, electronic points of sale equipment, cash printers and associated equipment.

A PEF is a computerized electronic device or system that is used to issue “fiscal coupon” sales coupons for retail transactions.

All PEF components and functions must be approved by NjMAF (Consumer Protection and Fiscal Administration Unit), while the supporting software must be available to TAK (Tax Agency of Kosovo).

Use of Fiscal Equipment and Electronic Invoice
The law requires the use of PEF for businesses that exchange cash, while everyone else must use the Electronic Invoice, including public and utility companies.

A summary of the administrative instruction MF-NR. 02/2018 helps you understand the regulations and procedures followed for using PEF. The correct and regular application of these devices is mandatory at the time of registration of the PEF supply.

Read about MF-NR. 02/2018 in the link below


How to Apply for Fiscal Equipment Online
The Internet company is the right solution for fiscal equipment and electronic systems. The application process is simple, and can be done online through our website, by visiting one of our centers, or by sending an e-mail to our address

To complete the application, the Business Certificate and business data, as well as the VAT Certificate for VAT declarants, must be added to the installation request.

The specialized team is ready to offer you the best advice to choose the right device for your business. Some of the different solutions include the DP25+ cash register, the WP50+ mobile cash register and the FP700+ cash printer.

Payment and Warranty for Fiscal Equipment
The Internet offers you several payment options for fiscal devices. You can pay in cash, through the bank, or through NLB Bank’s offers.

To ensure the maintenance of the fiscal device, you can choose among the Guarantee Packages offered by Enternet. The Warranty Package offers various services and includes device maintenance for a period of one year.

Maintenance and Use of Fiscal Equipment
Maintenance of fiscal equipment is an essential aspect for their safety and efficiency. By following some simple rules, such as not throwing anything harmful on the cash register or not using it with oiled hands, you will ensure protection from possible damage.

Enternet Company provides training on the use of the fiscal device, to ensure that you and your team are ready.

Technical Support for Fiscal Equipment
Internet offers you technical assistance for fiscal equipment. The phone numbers for technical assistance are 038 603 230 and 038 603 232. You can also go to one of our centers in 7 cities of Kosovo.

The Enternet team is ready to help you with any technical challenges you may encounter.

Apply online
Applying for fiscal equipment and electronic systems is an important process for every business in Kosovo. Internet offers you customized solutions and services suitable for your business needs. By applying for fiscal equipment and following the instructions and advice provided, you will be sure of compliance with laws and regulations, as well as the efficiency of your transactions.

Enternet is the reliable partner to help you in this process, guaranteeing an excellent service and the best advice for your fiscal equipment.

Apply now at:

1. INTERNET regional centers (Prishtina, Prizren, Pejë, Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Gjakovë, Gjilan)

2. Online through

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