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Arkë Fiskale Mobile WP50+

Mobile Fiscal Cash Register WP50+


Mobile Fiscal Cash Register. Works up to 90 days without charging

Arkë Fiskale DP 25+

Fiscal Cash Register DP 25+


Up to 100,000 items & Works up to 90 days without charging

Printer Fiskal FP700+

Fiscal Printer


Fiscal Printer. Up to 100,000 items & Memory for up to 4,000 reports

Portable Printer FMP350


Portable printer suitable for mobile sales teams that are constantly on the move

Barkod Skaner

Barcode reader Z-6010


Z-6010 is a static laser scanner that is hands-free and with high speed

Barkod Skener

Barcode reader Z-6170


Skaneri ka rreze lazer me 20 rreshta që lexojnë 1400 skanime në sekondë

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Barkod Skener

Barcode Reader Z-3080


Hand Scanner for linear images that can be used in various situations

Barkod Skener

Barcode Reader Z-3060


Z-3060, a handheld scanner on an adjustable (rotating) base

Barkod Skener

Barcode Reader Z-6070


This is a LED light scanner with a vast range of functions

Barkod Skaner

Barcode Reader Z-3001


Hand laser scanner, guarantees advanced scanning with high operating speed


Cash Drawer HS-330A


Safe deposit box - Cash drawer for cash and metal coins


Costumer Screen DPD-501


Costumer Screen for fiscal printers FP-700


Cash Drawer HS-410A


Safe deposit box - Metallic drawer Safe for storing the daily turnover 

The newest device - Electronic dispenser for gas stations

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